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The green hills of Tennessee are legendary. Here at Revery Point in Gallatin, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by all that stunning natural beauty during the sunny weeks of spring! Everywhere we look, trees and flowers are blooming, birds are busily building nests, and the sun is bright. It’s a welcome sight after winter.

The warmer weather of the season allows us to open our doors and windows and bring all that freshness indoors. The timeless “spring cleaning” routine is the way we bring our homes back to life, so here are five spring cleaning tips for your condo:


Clean everything. This includes the corners of closets, air vent slats, furniture, walls, behind the appliances, rugs, and pillows. Don’t leave anything out! Winter insists that we stay indoors, all together, all the time, and our interiors need a freshen-up after continuous use. Coming in from the winter weather drags in dirt that gets tracked all over the condo and deep cleaning will take care of it.


Condo living means that the year-to-year maintenance most homeowners do themselves will be done for you by your maintenance team, such as duct cleaning, changing filters, painting the common areas, etc. It will be helpful if you tidy your areas and remove obstacles or obstructions to make sure they can reach the items and areas they are responsible for.


The dirty buildup that winter leaves behind on outdoor glass is noticeable once the brightness of spring arrives, getting in the way of all that natural light. Many of your windows may be scheduled to be cleaned by your maintenance team, so check with them to see what your responsibilities are here.


Cleaning grout is time-consuming, meticulous, and often difficult physically, so this job can sometimes end up at the end of the list. In the dim interior lighting of winter that is easier to do than when the bright, sunny days of spring arrive to illuminate every surface. Graying grout is not a pretty sight. Bathroom and kitchen grout are two of the more porous surfaces in rooms that see a lot of heat and dampness. This means they are great places for germs and mold to get started, too. Using either a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water or baking soda and vinegar will be perfect when cleaning grout. It is very effective without containing harsh chemicals that can damage your tiles. Choose either one, grab a brush with stiff, fine bristles, and you’re all set.


Cold, dry weather causes materials to shrink. If there were any cracks around your windows, baseboards, or door jambs last autumn they may have become worse during the winter. During spring cleaning, do a careful inspection of your condo for gaps, cracks, and wear in these areas. Pass this information on to your condo management so that they can schedule repairs and have your unit in good shape for the spring rains.

Living at Revery Point features all of the amenities of resort-style living without leaving all the comforts of your neighborhood. Nestled in the lovely green hills of Middle Tennessee, just 25 minutes from the bright lights of Music City, we offer the best that condo living has to offer. Come see us!

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