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Four Tips For Moving From a House Into a Condo

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Condo living is often described as a liberating experience. A condo-dweller will have less upkeep — no more Saturday morning lawn mowing! The amenities are always amazing as well. Here at Revery Point, for example, you are within walking distance to dining, our wellness center, pool, and golf, all with a Tennessee Grasslands membership. We are located within 10 minutes of grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and all your favorite shops. Also, we are only 25 minutes from Downtown Nashville and the options it boasts.

Once you decide to make the move to lakeside condo living, the actual moving experience may be a bit daunting. Downsizing takes a lot of planning and forethought. We know it’s often overwhelming, so today we’re going to share four tips for moving from a house into a condo that we think will help you as you move forward:

Downsizing. Make a list of all the items you know you need to have no matter where you live. Then, work through everything else you own to determine what can be discarded. The next step will be to decide what you will do with your unneeded things — donation, recycle, or landfill. You may want to contact your children, grandchildren, and near relatives to see if anyone would like family heirlooms that you want to pass on. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the downsizing process so that you can avoid running behind your move-in schedule.

Space/Storage. Rooms in detached homes are almost always larger than those in condo units, so make sure you do a lot of measuring as you are deciding what to keep and what to pass on. Never assume that a bedroom is a bedroom! Cabinetry and closets may also be a lot smaller than they seem to be when you view your unit when empty, so getting a correct measurement will be important. You may be wise to rent a small storage unit in case you have to do some adjusting right at the beginning. Depending on how long you have lived in your home, you may have accumulated quite a bit of stuff and it may take some time to properly disburse it. Give yourself some wiggle room here.

Use Professional Movers. Moving a household is a huge job at any point in life, and when you are in your golden years it can seem almost impossible. A professional moving company may be just the thing to take some of the stress off of your plate. In your search for a dependable mover, look for certified companies that also offer packing services in addition to their moving services. This can be another area where using professionals can be a great service to you.

Adjusting. Not only will you be downsizing material things, but you will also be downsizing time spent on all the chores and tasks involved in the running of a full-sized home. What will you do with your new blocks of time? This may be a bigger challenge than you think, at least at first. You will now have many opportunities to learn and try new things, to travel and sightsee, to pick up new hobbies or dive deeper into the ones you already have, and you might find yourself having to adjust to the idea that you can now spend time on yourself. Always keep in mind that although this change may be a bit challenging at first, you will learn to love this new, less stressful, liberating lifestyle.

We’re excited to welcome you to the lakeside dwelling here at Revery Point! Living at Revery point features all of the amenities of resort-style living without leaving the comforts of your neighborhood. We know you’ll love it here.

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