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Stress-Free Boat Ownership at Revery Point

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Living on the water is the ultimate luxury—nothing beats the fun of swimming, fishing, and boating on a gorgeous summer day. The tranquility that comes with taking a walk on the shore and breathing in the fresh air has demonstrable health benefits as well. At Revery Point, our condominium units offer picturesque access to Old Hickory Lake, one of the most popular spots for watersports in Tennessee.

While boat ownership can get a bad rap, it’s a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends, and can open up your recreational options on summer weekends while being more affordable in the long run than frequent rentals. The community surrounding Revery Point offers plenty of amenities to make owning a boat easier than ever.

One of the biggest questions potential boat owners have is, “where exactly am I supposed to store this thing?” But don’t worry, you can still keep your downsized lifestyle in one of our condominium units while making sure your boat is taken care of. The Boat House at Benders Ferry in Mt. Juliet, the largest boat storage facility in the Nashville area, offers on-sight maintenance, cleaning, and fueling services, and even has boats for sale.

Additionally, Old Hickory Lake has 12 marinas, all with unique offerings. Drake’s Creek in Hendersonville has easy access to the lake’s best fishing and a fully stocked Ships Store with all of the supplies you’ll need. The Gallatin Marina is the closest to Revery Point, and boasts ample storage space along with stand-up paddleboard yoga and a lively restaurant where watersport lovers can congregate.

Once of the best parts of owning a boat is the socialization aspect—the opportunity to have fun with old friends and make new ones that share your interest. Freedom Boat Club, which provides ample membership socials that range from dock parties to party cruises, has a location at Cedar Creek Marina in Mt. Juliet. Old Hickory Lake People are Great People! is a Facebook group that allows boat enthusiasts in the area to get together and share their interests.

Ready to live in a resort-style community that lets you enjoy all the benefits of lakeside living without paying resort-style prices? Give us a call today!

Bailey Godfrey | 615-451-0909 |

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